Editor sends advance copies of an author's work or ideas to researchers or scholars who are experts in the field through a web-based manuscript processing system. Usually, there are two or three referees for a given article.

These referees each return an evaluation of the work to the editor, noting weaknesses or problems along with suggestions for improvement. Those are presented to the author for correction. The editor evaluates the referees' comments and decides whether the manuscript should be published.

In situations where multiple referees disagree substantially about the quality of a work, the editor will often solicit one or more additional reviews as a tie-breaker or may invite authors to reply to a referee's criticisms.

Our peer review process is a single-blind process meaning that the peer reviewers are not disclosed to the authors. Author names are known to reviewers. We welcome all kinds of post-publication peer review by experts in the field in the form of open comments about the published articles directly on our website.