Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Journal 2022-11-08T12:55:43+01:00 Wojciech Francuzik Open Journal Systems <p>Diamond Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal focused on the use of vacuum therapy.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Impact of negative pressure wound therapy and nanocrystalline silver dressings on the quality of life of patients with chronic non-healing ulcers: a preliminary study 2022-11-08T12:55:43+01:00 Luis C. Sáez-Martín Lourdes García-Martínez Concepción Román-Curto Amparo Pérez-Ferriols <p>Therapeutic measures should be primarily directed to promote healing, but also to improve or at least to maintain HRQoL. This prospective randomized pilot study was conducted to assess the impact on HRQoL of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) combined with nanocrystalline silver dressings in outpatients with chronic nonhealing ulcers. A total of 17 patients were included in the study, 10 of which were treated with the combined method and 7 with NPWT only. Patients were followed for 6 weeks. The 36-item short-form (SF-36) questionnaire was administered to at baseline and at the end of treatment. Patients included in the study had multiple concomitant pathological conditions and a mean age of 70 years. Significant changes in different domains of the SF-36 questionnaire, including physical functioning, role limitations (physical), vitality, mental health, social functioning, bodily pain, and general health, before and after treatment were not found. The mean (standard deviation, SD) score of social functioning was 53.1 (31.8) before treatment and 66.3 (23.6) after treatment (P = 0.09). The application of NPWT with nanocrystalline silver dressings or NPWT alone for 6 weeks was effective in wound healing promotion. The impact on HRQoL was non-significant except for somewhat better benefits in the social domain in patients treated with NPWT and silver dressings. The present preliminary data could be the basis for the design of future, more robust clinical studies.</p> 2022-05-18T12:35:01+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Luis C. Sáez-Martín, Lourdes García-Martínez, Concepción Román-Curto, Amparo Pérez-Ferriols